HemoSurf - Red Blood Cells

Step 1: Examine and compare the abnormalities of red blood cells
Look at the series of pictures of normally and pathologically altered erythrocytes. Try to memorize their characteristics.
Step 2: Recognize the abnormalities of red blood cells
Name the abnormalities of the red blood cells. You will receive immediate feedback as to whether you are right or wrong.   
Step 3: Practice the clinical assessment of abnormal red blood films
Look at the individual blood films and determine the kind of abnormality you see. Then you can compare your assessment to the correct one and look at the corresponding laboratory parameters.
- Blood film 1:
- Blood film 2:
- Blood film 3:
- Blood film 4:
- Blood film 5:
- Blood film 6:
- Blood film 7:
- Blood film 8:
- Blood film 9:
- Blood film 10:
- Blood film 11:


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