HemoSurf - History

History of HemoSurf

The first version of HemoSurf appeared in 1997 in the Internet. At that time, HemoSurf contained only a few white blood films that the users could differentiate.

In 1998, HemoSurf 1.0 was published on CD-ROM. With this edition, Surfy the erythrocyte riding on a wave was born. HemoSurf 1.0 possessed already most of the contents and functions of the following versions.

Version 2.0 appeared in 2001. This was a big leap since HemoSurf was now available not only in German but also in English and French.

Version 2.5 of 2002 contained essential additions to the content.

In 2006, version 2.6 appeared and in 2009 version 2.7. Each new version brought corrections, upgrades, and enhancements.

In 2015, HemoSurf underwent a comprehensive revision and was published in 2016 as version 3.0 (only in German). The revision had become inevitable since on one hand side the contents had to be updated and on the other hand side security features of new Internet browsers prevented HemoSurf from working as in the past. At the same time, the design of HemoSurf was modernized which is also expressed by the new Logo.

The total revision was made possible through the financial support of sponsors as well as the collaboration with the Image Processing and Medical Engineering Department of the Fraunhofer-Institut for Integrated Circuits in Erlangen/Germany.

In 2017, version 3.1 was released. This time again trilingual (German, French, English).

Demo version of HemoSurf 3.1.
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