HemoSurf - An Interactive Hematology Atlas

The Concept

"HemoSurf" gives students and doctors the chance to learn about Morphological Hematology by using over 3000 pictures of blood and bone marrow films. By going through modules of increasing difficulty and by receiving various forms of feedback students gain confidence in their abilities to interpret blood and bone marrow films. Fundamental theoretical knowledge is provided on demand while examining a blood film or a case. For more in depth knowledge learners should consult textbooks and journal articles.

Some Background Information

Important Notes


This red arrow is always located on the right top of every page. Clicking on it will cause you to jump one step up in the hierarchy of the program.

This Icon is always causing you to jump to the summary of contents.


In the modules you will find instructions on how to use them. Hover your mose over the underlined word Instructions, to read each instruction text.

Demo version of HemoSurf 3.1.
The full version can be purchased in our online shop.